Ancient History

(3600 BC – 500 AD)

Naughty Bits from Classical History


Sex was not invented by classical writers, but they were the first to document it in graphic detail. However perverse the practice the Ancient Greek and Romans almost always tried it first, and as such,…

The True Colours of Greek Statues


Just because we view Greek statues as shining beacons of marble, it doesn’t mean that’s how they originally looked thousands of years ago. Recent studies using lasers and UV light have revealed the original, and…

Domesticatd Cats in Ancient History


It is so obviously apparent when watching a cat lounge around the home in complete comfort that this whole domesticated lifestyle isn’t new to them. They have been masters of this for a very long time….

The Magnificent Maya Queens


When most people think about history, they tend to immediately think of the great ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean and Near East or even of later happenings in Europe like the Renaissance. That’s great! Those…