(1066 AD – 1485 AD)

How to become a Renaissance Pope


The history of Papal elections is full of intrigue, plotting, bribery and in some rare instances, holiness. By the mid-fifteenth century the form for Papal elections was firmly established after the chaos of the Avignon…


History’s most notorious dynasty


Having read Mary Hollingsworth’s new release, ‘The Borgias: History’s most notorious dynasty’ we are inspired to share with you how this family managed to achieve such a reputation. The saying goes that you can’t choose your family,…

The Real Braveheart


Not since the Victorians trampled over one another to get their hands on a scrap of the Highlands have so many cared about kilts, broadswords and glens. Thanks in no small part to a Scottish…

The Cathars


If, like me, you always thought that the medieval period was made up of monks, peasants and boring manuscripts, then you would be partly right. However, there were also some bizarre sects with what can…

Margaret Beaufort: The Red Queen


In The White Queen TV series, Margaret Beaufort is an overly religious zealot who hates her mother, loves Jasper Tudor, and was obsessed with her son. The real Margaret Beaufort was close to her mother, happiest with…