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From murder and conspiracy to rebellion and adulterous affairs; women throughout history have had a tendency to be a little on the ‘bad’ side! The phrase ‘women should be seen and not heard’ has been totally thrown out the window with these misbehaving minxes…

Chick: Mae West

Occupation: Sex Symbol. Screen Icon

Why Was She So ‘Bad Ass’: Mae was charged with “obscenity and corrupting the morals of youth”. Ooh, naughty, but why? Well, she wrote, directed and performed in a play entitled, ‘Sex’. In ‘Sex’, Mae played a prostitute who was looking to marry a well-to-do man to better her situation…sounds like all the WAG’s out there! The show was closed down in 1927, but not before 325,000 people had seen it since its debut the previous year.

Bad-Ass Rating: For the time, the show was extremely risqué…and she went to prison! So, an 8/10 fits the bill for naughty Miss West!

Mesmerising Mae: You naughty gal!


Chick: Lady Godiva

Occupation: Noblewoman

Why Was She So ‘Bad Ass’:
The legend goes that our girl Godiva stripped off her garb and rode through Coventry in retaliation to her husband’s oppressive taxation of the local people. Now that’s commitment to the cause! John and Yoko could only manage laying in bed to promote world peace!

Bad-Ass Rating: Coventry isn’t the warmest of places, and a ladies long hair can only cover so much. Lady G, you get a 6/10!

Ooh G’, you’ll freeze your…erm…toes off!


Chick: Grace O’Malley

Occupation: Pirate Queen

Why Was She So ‘Bad Ass’: Known as ‘The Pirate Queen of Connaught’, Grace shunned the role of the sixteenth century woman. Instead, the flame haired Irish bad-ass led a vagabond force of Viking, Celts and Scots in sailing the rugged coastline of Ireland. She battled English armies, conquered lands and castles, raided ships and even met with our very own ‘Good Queen Bess’ to forge an alliance to settle our polite English bellies in the wake of her rampant destruction.

Bad Ass Rating: Feisty and fearsome, our swashbuckling smuggler Grace had balls bigger than most guys…8/10 me’ hearty!

Grace…Ransacking a port near you!


Chick: Joan of Arc

Occupation: Martyr. Saint. Military Leader

Why Was She So ‘Bad Ass’: Joan acted under a ‘divine guidance’ to lead the French to victory over us Brit’s during the Hundred Years War. Not just a poster girl for the French army, she actually fought bravely; she led charges and even took wounds to her neck and leg (flesh wounds, this dame had bigger fish to fry). Her spirit did not break, although she was eventually caught and burnt at the stake for heresy by the English.

Bad-Ass Rating: I reckon Joan just picked herself up, dusted herself down and got on with it. Until obviously, we caught up with her. What a gal, 10/10!

Joan of Arc: Brave. Young. Fearless.


Chick: Agrippina The Younger

Occupation: Mother of Nero

Why Was She So ‘Bad Ass’:
Nobody can mistake Agrippina for being a devoted mother. She obviously wanted her son, Nero, to become Emperor of Rome. So what do you do when your husband, Claudius, is the Emperor? Well, you poison him, and his son just to be sure! She also enjoyed the odd incestuous affair with her brother, Caligula. Agrippina attempted to assassinate him too, when he rejected her.

Bad-Ass Rating: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…but most of us just stuff our faces with cake. Agrippina, you went too far…4/10!

Agrippina and Nero: Motherly love taken a little too far!


Chick: Sidonie Gabrielle Collette

Occupation: Novelist and Performer

Why Was She So ‘Bad Ass’:
Collette worked in the music halls of Paris, including the Moulin Rouge, causing riots and scandal after her on-stage kiss with Mathilde de Morny. She embarked on both heterosexual and gay relationships, and she even dabbled with her stepson following her marriage to Henri de Jouvenel. Contrary to her naughty private life, Collette is regarded as a brilliant writer and she bravely helped her Jewish friends during the occupation of France in the Second World War.

Bad-Ass Rating: Back then she was scandalous, but I’d say she was just bending the social norms! Good on ya’ Collette, 7/10

Collette: Channeling her inner Kate Bush?


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