QUIZ: Which Tudor Wife Are You?


For the next ten minutes, imagine you are a Queen of the Tudor Court, married to the tempestuous tyrant King Henry VIII. You are on a whirlwind journey that will no doubt change history.

Would you have put Henry’s will first, or God’s? Would you have listened to your heart, or to your family? What would you have wanted, and how would it have made you feel? And would you have ruled long enough to keep your head?

Answer the questions below to find out which lucky Tudor wife you would have been…


It’s a hot sweaty June morning. You and your ladies are trying to cool off in your apartments, when a gentleman in service to the King arrives unannounced. Do you assume?

A)     Something terrible must have happened to the King. You worry for his safety as you love him above all others,   including God.

B)     The King must be feeling idle this morning and is in want of some womanly flirtation to pass the time, but as  my mother discouraged such a thing I would never oblige.

C)      The King is ill. His health has been failing rapidly.

D)     The King has sent me a gift! I wonder what it will be this time!?

E)     The King will request to dine with my brothers and me tonight. I know the king loves me but I sometimes feel like ‘trophy wife’.

F)      The gentleman has come to request I report directly to the King. This is quite a regular occurrence as Henry seeks my council on all things.


The King has commissioned three new gowns for my up-coming coronation, in whatever styles suits my fancy. I will advice the seamstress to make me:

A)      A conservative gown made of sumptuous fabric befitting my status, along with an English Hood.

B)       A round skirt in a heavy material popular in Germany.

C)       I will ask the king what his preference is.

D)      A gown in the French style, complete with a hood. And in whatever fabric is the most expensive! I want everyone to look at me and be jealous.

E)       A smock of fine cambric with wide sleeves of fine linen.

F)       A gown of crimson satin, lined with cloth of gold and tissue.


The King has given you free reign to choose your own ladies. You choose:

A)     The women who served me before I came to court.

B)     I am thankful for this freedom but would leave the decision with the King.

C)     The women I have come to trust, who I know share my religious beliefs.

D)    My best childhood friends.

E)     Whoever my family think best.

F)     My sister of course. It’s important to keep your family close.


Henry’s reformation begins to threaten the power of the Catholic Church and the Pope threatens excommunication. You react:

A)      Badly. You love God above all other things, and a break from the Catholic Church would be a sin for England.

B)       I wish only to live by the will of the King, then God. I will trust in Henry and above all others.

C)       How will this affect Henry’s children? Poor Mary will be heartbroken…

D)      What reformation?

E)       If the King and my family aren’t troubled by this, then neither am I. I live for the will of the King.

F)       You think I would feel threatened by this?! The Pope is just another obstacle I need to cross on my journey to power.


If Henry had never favored you, and the life of a Queen was just a distant dream, how do you think your life would have panned out?

A)     Exactly the same. It was God’s will I was Queen.

B)     At best I would have been married to a noble man, but if I’m honest I would have married lesser gentry to be rid of my suffocating family.

C)     I would have married the man I promised myself too before Henry, and I count the days now until we can be together…

D)    Who knows? But I’m sure I would be married to a wealthy man who I loved with all my heart!

E)     I would always take my families advice in all things, but hopefully I would have a loving husband and a house full of children!

F)     If Henry had never favoured me then I would have found wealth, power and love elsewhere. I am a very determined woman you know!




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