QUIZ! Which Roman Goddess Are You?

Forget the heavy burdens of 21st Century life…transport your mind back to the heavens above the ancient city of Rome. You are a Goddess devoted to your people, who in turn worship you, and build temples to honour your majesty and divinity.  But what do they worship you for? Which Roman Goddess will you be?


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It’s finally the weekend, but there are no festivities devoted to you…how do you pass the time?

A) I would gather my dogs, ride down to the forest and perhaps spear a boar or two.

B) Spend time with my husband.  I would provide him with my counsel when required and my fertile body when craved, as a good wife should.

C) I would spend my time weaving or painting, dependent on my mood. Perhaps visit acquaintances to relieve them with my words of wisdom.

D) I shall walk in the fields amongst the growing crops, and bestow my good fortune to those hard-working farmers.

E) I’ll spend the daytime preening. A goddess must always look her best for those who worship her. And in the evening, well, a lady couldn’t tell!

F) I would pray and meditate. And, of course, watch over the sacred flame that must never cease to burn.


It’s been a while since you last had a male companion. How would you describe your ideal God?

A) Strong and agile. He would certainly have to be competent with a bow, or any weapon for that matter.

B) I have my perfect man. Powerful, just and wise. A father and friend to all who need him.

C) A thespian, and naturally, I would be his muse. He must appreciate the arts, and be as wise as he is intelligent.

D) Sun-kissed and reliable. He would be a hard-worker who would provide for our family.

E) Beautiful, with hair as soft and fine as silk. He would be mine and I would be his, and we would have a passionate time!

F) I have no perfect man. I will remain untouched. My body belongs to the families of Rome.


Choose three words to describe your personality…GO!

A) Headstrong, wild and brave.

B) Maternal, fertile and regal.

C) Musical, intelligent and wise.

D) Nurturing, earthly and generous.

E) Sensual, beautiful and charming.

F) Virginal, devoted and pure.


What we do in life will echo in eternity. What would you most like to be famous for?

A)  For contributing to the circle of life. I take what is needed from nature, and replace it with new life.

B) As a mother to all, and a source of constant comfort to the women of Rome.

C) For bringing good fortune to artists of all kinds, and bestowing my wisdom to those in need.

D) To be a provider to all those who need me.

E) The most beautiful and alluring woman in the heavens, with a passionate heart and the sultriest of eyes.

F) I will be remembered as the one who relinquished her own desires so she could devote her time to the people.


It’s time for a new stola. Any preferences?  

A) Green; the colour of the forest, and short so I can ride and run easily.

B) Purple. A royal colour indeed. Trimmed with gold, and covering my arms. Regal and proper, befitting my status.

C) A vibrant and flowing yellow stola I think; sunny and bright and easy to dance in!

D) Brown to represent the fertile mother earth. Modest too, as my farmers work too hard to appreciate excessive finery.

E) Red. Signifying desire and the fires of passion. A deep crimson, which clings to my hips and breasts.

F) My stola is and always will be the purest and most brilliant of whites.

So, which Roman Goddess are you?


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