QUIZ: Which Greek God are you?

After the recent success of our fabulous ‘Roman Goddess’ and ‘Tudor Wives’ Quizzes, we didn’t want our male readership to feel left out! So here is a quiz especially for all the men in our lives. Fellas, this one is for you…

First things first… have you ever thought of yourself as a bit of a God? Of course you have! Historical Honey has done the leg work, and devised (using highly sophisticated methods, of course) this state-of-the-art Quiz: Which Greek God are You?




The other God’s are organising a day of manly sporting activity on Mount Olympus. What is your reaction?

A) I might be a bit worse for wear from last night to be honest, but I’ll watch you guys play as long as I have an oinochoe of wine to hand.

B) Sign me up for everything. I’ll whip all your asses at every Olympic sport!

C) Team sports are for wimps…who wants to take me on at some ‘extra masculine’ boxing?

D) Sorry I can’t play because I am injured! I guess I could be referee?

E) Archery anyone?

F) I could outrun you all, but I’d rather watch and laugh.


What type of entertainment are your mortal followers putting on for your pleasure over the coming festival?

A) A fantastic new play from Euripides with a heaving afterparty.

B) A parade all through the town, involving everyone celebrating and cheering your name.

C) A battle re-enactment with proper swords.

D) A show of the latest inventions and manufactured crafts.

E) A party at the most popular citizen’s house, with plenty of music and poetry reading.

F) A reading of the latest books gathered from around the known world.



Describe yourself in three words…

 A) Passionate, wild, lustful.

B) Powerful, paternal, overseer.

C) Brave, sexy, fierce.

D) Loyal, industrious, fair.

E) Popular, talented, sporty.

F) Witty, talkative, easygoing.


Not even Gods get everything they wish for…so, what do you long for the most?

A) A failsafe hangover cure.

B) A good P.A. to hide some of my naughty doings from the wife.

C) Anger management classes.

D) A relationship with someone who WON’T cheat on me.

E) No, seriously, I pretty much have it all.

F) I don’t need anything new – I gotta’ travel light.



Describe your ideal Goddess?

A) Anyone and everyone. I can whip any girl into a frenzy!

B) I only have eyes for my loving wife (but if you’re asking, meet me by the Fountain of Eros in 5 minutes!)

C) Only the hottest girl in the room will do!

D) My wife, and I will always be loyal to her.

E) Well, she would to be pure, clever, musical and accomplished.

F) Anyone with a GSOH and willing to travel the world.

So, which Greek God are you?



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