16 Disgustingly Beautiful Movie Stars From Yesteryear

This morning I completely lost myself in an article Jenna wrote a few weeks ago, showcasing wedding dresses from the last century.  The next few hours were spent Googling famous dresses worn by great movie stars such as Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor (with six marriages, you can imagine I had a few to choose from!). I then wavered and started to Google old movie stars in general and remembered how utterly and disgustingly beautiful they were.

Even though re-touching is not a new phenomenon and was happening from the begging of the 20th century, these stars were still fabulous. Much like today they all had a certain ‘look’ synonymous with the era and radiated glamour in a way modern actors strive to emulate.

Call it shallow. Whatever. Just sit back, flick open a Diet Coke and enjoy.

Here are the 16 stars who make my insides hurt and eyes pour with jealousy…

 Clarke Gable

I want to be your mustache.

Source: Vividbrand.com

 Vivien Leigh

I want to stare at you until we both feel uncomfortable. 

Source: chicvintagebrides

 Grace Kelly


Ergh. Don’t. 

Source: collider

Cary Grant

Stop it Cary, I know what you want. 

Source: doctormacro

Marlon Brando

Marlon-Brando-marlon-brando-31136939-1280-960I can’t.

Source: fanpop

Frank Sinatra

The trilby/ suit combo is garbage on all other men.

Source: musicians.allaboutjazz

 Elizabeth Taylor

 I’d marry her twice

Source: nouveauricheclothing

Tony Curtis

Theres no way he and Spartacus were just mates. 

Source: fanpop

James Garner

A man with a baby. That is all.

*takes a sip of coke*

Source: 29coveroad

Chelo Alonso

I mean, you’d have to keep her behind bars wouldn’t you.

Source: sisterwolf

Anita Ekberg

Whatever you do don’t Google her in later life, it will ruin it.

Source: doctormacro

Loretta Young

I am jealous of everything.

Source: Doctormacro

Ava Gardner

Those dead cheetahs are so lucky.

Source: missrosen

 Eartha Kitt

This makes me sick.

Source: munaluchibridal

Rita Hayworth

It’s not fair.

Source: babble

Gene Tierney


Source: mvosuz

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