A London Tour In Tube Posters

Some say living in London is a curse. Some say it is a gift. With it’s rich history, I go with the latter. No matter where you turn, there is a story to be told and a photograph to be taken. It is also home to the worlds oldest rapid transport system, the London Underground. To mark it’s 150th anniversary, the London Transport Museum has opened up it’s archives. What better way to celebrate the Tube’s grand old age, than a poster parade of our favourite historical/cultural spots in London and Greater London!

Hampton Court Palace, 1909

1900Our favourite and home to Hive hero, King Henry VIII. With many lavishly decorated room he had his pick when it came to seducing the ladies! 


Kew Gardens, 1910

1910The beautiful botanic gardens at Kew – A must for the gardening enthusiast and horticulturists everywhere.


Regents Park, 1932

1921The Honey team love to take a wander to the Rose Garden at Regent’s Park during our long lunch breaks.


V&A Museum, 1932

1930The museum with a great name, honouring two great people who found love in a hopeless place (aka the Victorian Era!).


Westminster Abbey, 1934

abbey1A stunning building, which houses the effigies of some wonderful people,  such as Henry VII and Horatio Nelson.


St Pauls Cathedral, 1948

1940Synonymous with the bird lady from Mary Poppins. A great structure built by the architectural boss daddy, Sir Christopher Wren.


Royal London,1953

royalAfter all…London is built on Royalty. 


Windsor Castle, 1956

1950Home to Queen Elizabeth II, and some beautiful waterways. The original castle at Windsor was built by William the Conqueror in the 11th Century.


British Museum, 1965

1960Housing artefacts from around the world…there aren’t many people who don’t love the BM! (We also saw Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton there once!)


Tower Of London, 1979

1970An imposing presence on the bank of the River Thames, the Tower has seen its fair share of executions and prisoners. It also houses the Ravens and the Crown Jewels!


National Gallery, 1986

1980You can tell this poster is from the 80’s can’t you! All odd shapes and primary colours. Great representation of the National Gallery…and not forgetting Trafalgar Squares famous pigeons!


Serpentine, Hyde Park, 1993

1990Relaxing by the beautiful Serpentine Lido, Hyde Park. However, some should throw a stick for that bored dog!

 Sources: All photographs are courtesy of the London Transport Museum © You can view their entire catalogue of Tube Poster’s here.

Have you been to the exhibition at the London Transport Museum? Tell us all about it in the comments box below…


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