Lady of the Butterflies by Fiona Mountain

Many times I start a book and cannot wait to read the entire thing in one setting; engulfing myself into a new (or old) time and seeing in my minds eye the sites described, the thoughts, the feelings.  I shed a tear and laugh silently in their joys.  I am a lover of historical fiction and when I received a copy of Lady of the Butterflies I was pretty excited because here was a book on a actual lady.  I found it actually hard to get into but once I got over the initial tedium of the book, it really did reveal an amazing story.

Lady Eleanor Glanville, a young very couragous woman from the late 17th century, has spent all of her early life following in her fathers footsteps and finding a love of nature.  She is subject to being controlled because of her age and influence she could have in society.  Her inheritence of marshy moors  is the cause of much heart ache throughout the book but she preservers and lives her life as she deems it.  Her love of nature and of butterflies consumes her.  Despite the demands of a society that expects her to conform to it, Eleanor chooses to find her own way.  She endures two marraiges and four children which brings its own amount of joy, sadness and heartache which is brilliantly  conveyed.  

Along with the story of Eleanor, you are given a brief explanation of the chaotic and turmulent period in history when Catholics and Puritans still clashed over beliefs and values.

An brilliant story about an amazing woman and her part of the history we no longer remember.

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