Ken Follett, The Century Trilogy…so far!

I was first introduced to the master of epic storytelling four years ago…however, it took me a whole year to actually pick up the recommended read; ‘The Pillars of The Earth’. Why did I wait so long I hear you ask?

Well, to be honest, I wasn’t convinced that the building of a medieval church was something I wanted to commit too. After much cajoling (a years worth), my good friends’ encouragement paid off and I sped through one of the most magnificent books I have ever read. Shortly after, I polished off the sequel, ‘World Without End’, with pretty much the same ferocity.

ken follet 2Highly Recommend: ‘Pillars of The Earth’ and ‘World Without End’


Moving on.

January 2012 – Perusing through the limited historical novel section at my then bookshop in Manly (Sydney, Australia), I came across Folletts’ first book in his latest offering; the Century Trilogy. Named ‘Fall of Giants’, the book is a truly powerful account of the lead up to the First World War, with the aspects of the Russian Revolution and the Suffragette Movement thrown in for good measure. It is written in typical Follett style; telling the story through a range of characters, who are all inextricably linked to each other.

Fast forward to January 2013 – To my excitement, I received a Kindle for Christmas, and so made it my first job to download ‘Winter of The World’ – the second instalment of the Century Trilogy. It was also a massive bargain! This book focuses on the Second World War and concurrent events such as Pearl Harbour, Nazi Germany and the development of the Atom Bomb to name a few. It also features similar themes of social and class divide, sexuality and politics as in the first instalment.

ken folletThe third novel in the Century Trilogy, provisionally titled Edge of Eternity, will be published in late 2014.


The great thing about ‘ The Pillars of The Earth’/’World Without End’, and now the Century Trilogy is that Follett keeps it in the family. In ‘World Without End’, time fast-forwards 200 years, but the new characters are related to the original Pillars characters. With the Century Trilogy, characters from the first book are in the second, along with their sons and daughters; giving the reader a sense of familiarity and understanding.

I would strongly recommend you pick up a Ken Follett work of art…I won’t lie, they are doorstop books, but also well worth the effort to carry around in your bag! Folletts’ ability to captivate, enthral and thoroughly engross the reader is an extraordinary gift, and his research and dedication to his craft is blatantly evident throughout his books.

Any guesses what the third Trilogy instalment will focus on?

ken follet 3As much as we encourage reading, it is worth committing to a Netfilx subscription just to watch the TV series ‘Pillars of The Earth’ [2010]…After you have read the book!


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