Interview With A #HistoryHater

If you are reading this then you either a) love history or b) have found us on StumbleUpon and are questioning how you got this far..? Either way, you would never say you hated history, right? History-Haters just don’t exist.

Or do they?

WELL, we recently traveled to the depths of Kent, and found one. And here’s how the conversation went…

logo for facebook copyHi there. So you look like a really cool normal girl. In fact, just the kind of person who we find usually loves history. How about we start by playing a word association game? 

lizzieOk, take it away…

logo for facebook copyCastle


logo for facebook copyAnne


logo for facebook copyRevolution


logo for facebook copyLandscapes

lizzieWater colour paintings

logo for facebook copyRome


logo for facebook copyTroy

lizzieZac Efron from High School Musical

logo for facebook copyMichelangelo


logo for facebook copyHumanities


logo for facebook copyEH???

lizzieYou said say whatever came into my head!

(Moving on…)

logo for facebook copyArchaeologist


logo for facebook copyPyramid


logo for facebook copyCar park

lizzieWhere’s my pink driving licence at?!

(…I was hoping for Richard III)

logo for facebook copyIndustrial


logo for facebook copyMuseum


logo for facebook copyOk, first off I question where your heads at for some of those answers, but overall I’d say you show a moderate level of promise. I’m interested to know why you associate the word ‘museum’ with ‘bordum’.

Care to explain?

lizzieWell, when you are being dragged around 90% of Britain’s castles and historic homes by your older sister it gets boring.

logo for facebook copyFair enough, but even if your sister did drag you to these places, you were already there, so why not try and enjoy them?

Is the castle boring, or just your sister?

lizzieHmm I don’t think I can answer that one!

logo for facebook copyCareful, remember I know your sister! Anyway, don’t you think that seeing as you were already at said castle or museum that you couldn’t just enjoy yourself?

lizzieBecause I’m more interested in modern day things that are happening today. But I must admit, if someone said I could be Scarlet O’ Hara for the day I wouldn’t say no!

(I contemplate reminding her that Scarlet is a fictional character…but i move on)

logo for facebook copyThe majority of people who enjoy learning about the past say it’s because they want to be transported back to a certain time period. They can mentally visualise what a place was like and want to learn as much information as possible to almost bring it back to life. When you walk around a castle, do you not imagine what life must have been like, the people, the sounds, the smells….?

lizzieYes, I imagine how hard there life must if been…like, imagine having no medicine! But yes I like looking at period dresses and wish people today would make that kind of effort!

logo for facebook copyAh, so you would like to transport yourself back. Where would you go?

lizzieTo Gone With The Wind! I WANT SCARLET’S DRESSES!

(Now comes the time to clarify a few things…)

logo for facebook copyRight, that’s all great because I am a HUGE GWTW fan myself. But you do realise you are asking to be transported back to a fictional novel?

lizzieDon’t care. IT’S AMAZING

logo for facebook copyMaybe you should have answered ‘the South prior to and during the American civil war’?

Do you even know what the American civil war was?

lizzieLots of death. A fight between the Yankees and someone? Over land? Erm… am I on the right page?

logo for facebook copyJust so we are clear, I’m not judging you on your knowledge, there should be no snobbishness in the humanities, but you asking me if you’re right must mean you want to know the answer to my question?

Do you want to know what the american civil war was?

lizzieGo on then.. I’m guessing I’m COMPLETELY wrong

logo for facebook copyBut do you WANT to know the answer…?

lizzieShort answer…

logo for facebook copyIf we stopped chatting right this second, could you just walk away and not give it a second thought….?

lizzieOnly because it would annoy me now as I want to know if I’m right!

logo for facebook copyHmm…that’s not quite the answer I was hoping for.

Lets move on.

Do you think the way you were taught history at school has played a big part in the way you view the past?

lizzieYes actually. I’ve always liked the way we were taught how to interpret paintings. Hear me out…

logo for facebook copyGo on…

lizzieLike when you have a portrait and you were taught to look at all the objects. For instance, a globe would show you whether they were well travelled, or rich colours and fabrics would indicate wealth. I definitely look at portraits differently now.

logo for facebook copyYeah of course, it’s interesting to see how people used their portraits to portray themselves in a certain way to the viewer.

lizzieWhere I work there is a portrait of an old man getting his beard shaved, but his servant is sooo well dressed and everything is so heavily embroided in gold and reds it shows how he can afford himself and even such unimportant people the same things.

(not going to lie…we were lost)

lizzieYa get me?

(nope, nothing)

logo for facebook copyWell, I guess this means you are inquisitive, which is basically the  foundation of an historian. You can appreciate life around you, and how people wanted to portray themselves in the past via portraits.

Lets round up now and finish with a final word association.


lizzieHit me.

logo for facebook copyCleopatra


logo for facebook copyEdwardian



logo for facebook copyHoward


logo for facebook copyJurassic


logo for facebook copyIceberg


Ok, this is going to take some more work….

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