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Ever been on Etsy? NO! Really? That’s crazy. Etsy brings you the very best handmade and vintage supplies, made by real people! And there is a myriad of historical themed stuff to purchase. Here at the Hive, we have sifted through all the fantastically wondrous things you can buy on Etsy, and collated what we think are the greatest Etsy shops for history-lovers, from the downright random to the absolute genius. Enjoy!

1. ChaChaCovers


Why So Amazing?

Anne Boleyn Nail Covers. Enough said. They have an array of nail covers featuring historical greats, such as Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Frida Kahlo, Nefertiti and Martin Luther King. Awesome.

2. UneekDollDesigns


Why So Amazing?

Debbie Ritter is a genius. She creates “writers, people from history, story characters, and just about any person in between in a unique miniature form”. She’s got hundreds of miniature dolls ready to buy, including of all the greats: Queen Victoria, Lord Byron, King Tutankhamen, ALL OF THE TUDORS, Madame du Barry and even Maria von Trapp.

3. Duchessa


Why So Amazing?

Anne Boleyn replica necklaces. In fact, a whole host of medieval inspired hand-crafted jewellery! And…we actually know the talented lady behind this fabulous Etsy shop. She has even written articles for Historical Honey (see here: Princess Hats & Magnificent Maleficent).

4. MySilkyWoods


Why So Amazing?

A-MAZing lampshades that would look right at home at the Petit Trianon, at the time our historical BFF, Marie Antoinette. Pretty, girly and oh so cute…what more could you want?

5. ProjectBunny

Project Bunny

Why So Amazing?

Who doesn’t want to see a portrait Henry VIII or the Bronte sisters with an added set of bunny ears? It’s literally ‘cute meets history’.

6. PunsIntended


Why So Amazing?

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Cool art with great puns: ‘Monroe Your Boat’ and ‘Toulouse LauTrek’. Brills.

7. CastleOnTheHill

Castle On The Hill

Why So Amazing?

Beautiful art. We have our eye on the Jane Austen set; characters from the famous novels gracing the pages. Very clever, and very pretty. Artist, Jess Purser, lives in London – we have to track her down!

8. Sweet Tea Apothecary

Sweet Tea

Why So Amazing?

Probably one of the most genius ideas EVER. Historical-based perfumes. Yes, like we said, best idea ever. Scents include The Duchess Georgiana, Clara Bow, La Reine Antoinette, HRM Victoria and yes, Anne Boleyn. Boleyn includes fragrances of Champagne, Violet and Dragons Blood. Just to reiterate…great idea.

What is your favourite historically themed Etsy shop? Give it a shout out in the comments box below!

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