The ‘Historical’ Bling Ring

This summer sees release of the film, ‘The Bling Ring’, starring everyone’s favourite witch, Emma Watson. Based on a true story, the films sees the characters robbing homes of celebrities, including Paris Hilton and Kirsten Dunst. So in true Honey form, here is a list of our most wanted items we would love to steal from history’s rich and famous:

Most Wanted: Anne’s ‘B’

We wouldn’t be true to ourselves if the first item on our list wasn’t the infamous ‘B’ necklace worn by that foxy minx, Anne Boleyn. She certainly got her money’s worth out of the old thing; she is wearing it in most of the portraits that exist of her today. Anne also had an ‘A’ necklace and an ‘AB’ brooch, which makes you wonder if she wasn’t just very forgetful…



No. 2: Marie’s Silky Slippers

Marie Antoinette, like every girl, loved a pair of silk shoes. Apparently, she had almost a pair of shoes for every outfit she owned. The rumour is that Marie was the ultimate ‘diva’ and only wore each pair once; passing her cast-offs to her ladies-in-waiting. With all that beheading going on, receiving a pair of Marie’s shoes is almost worth sticking around for!  



No. 3: A Bed for a Dozen

Granted this would be a logistical nightmare, but a modern girl with modern ways must have the biggest and best of everything, and that includes ‘The Great Bed of Ware’! Hell hath no slumber party without it! It sleeps around twelve people; not that you’d want that many people in bed with you…imagine the crumbs after a film night!

 bedRoom for a small one?


 No.4: Queen Mary’s Mini-Mansion

When I was young, I had a terraced dollhouse built for me by my Grandpa. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but it was nowhere near as classy as Queen Mary’s. This dollhouse is pretty much the equivalent of a posh, Belgravia mansion, complete with running hot and cold water, electricity, flushing loo’s and even a fully-stocked wine cellar! And this is just the Dining Room:

diningroomThis is no ordinary Doll-house, this is an M&S Doll-house…


No.5:  Bessie’s Miniature

  As much as we love Annie B and Marie, there is another woman who we hold dear to our hearts; the Virgin Queen, Bessie. Now, what better object to swipe than a miniature portrait of the flame haired monarch – not that we could carry it in our corsets like the good old days, rather we’d have to slip it in the inside pocket of our parkers!

besiieOh Bessie, we love you!


 No. 6: Audrey’s Candy Stick Holder

Obviously we don’t condone smoking here, but we do condone looking effortlessly chic, which is exactly how Audrey looked below.  Top Tip: Lay off the tobacco and pop a candy stick in the end.  

audreyShe’s one classy bird…


Of course, if we can’t get hold of the above we would also love; Cleopatra’s snake armbands, Queen Victoria’s wedding dress and Gerard Butler’s pants from the film, 300.

What would you like to put in your swag bag?

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