The Greatest Moments from C4’s ‘Richard III: The King in the Car Park’

The show was historical enthusiasts at their very best.

Here are some of my favourite moments:

c4 1“Britain’s first ever recorded fat man”

Oi, that’s our Henry you are talking about!

c4 2

Archaeologists couldn’t be sure where the friary or grave was situated, but Philippa just knew.

“I got the strangest sensation, and I absolutely knew I was standing on Richard’s grave”

God those archaeologists are so cynical sometimes / like to base ‘sensations’ on stupid facts and evidence.

Regardless, they moved the car and dug it up.

c4 3

‘Before I start my historical investigation I must have a fruit cup’

Pointless TV.

c4 4

Philippa “There was an incredible tempest, and it really was like some Shakespearean scene, this tempest arrives the minute we discovered human remains. If it was Richard he was ready to be found. He wanted to be found.’

Doesn’t look much like any Shakespearean scene I know…

c4 5

The archaeologists reaction to whatever claim Philippa made.

c4 6

The moment this Osteologist  was referred to as a ‘Bone Expert’

c4 7

Who is this guy?

But respect for saying what were all thinking “And I just thought she was insane, this is ridiculous…”

c4 8

The first time Philippa cried and the curly haired bloke still thought she was mad “Its quite, its quite, quite an emotional thing really….its only struck me just now, peering in…yep’


c4 9

An Archaeologist worst nightmare “That’s not an old hole, that’s a hole that’s been there for 10 minutes…” 

c4 10

And Philippa’s reaction to it.

c4 12

Philippa’s reaction to everything.

Please note:

Yes, Philippa may have got a lot of stick, but in reality her enthusiasm and determination bought about a fantastic discovery. And that deserves respect.

Thank you Philippa. You are a Honey for life.

All images courtesy of Channel 4.

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