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No matter how much time passes people will always love a little bit of gossip. I would bet my bottom dollar that back in the day people would be glad of a weekly glossy to fill them in on all the court gossip; the latest fashion trends and, naturally, how to spice up their love lives!

Luckily our favourite magazines have taken a trip back in time, so check out who now graces their front covers…

King Henry VIII for GQ

HenryGQEveryone’s favourite womaniser takes the limelight on the cover of mens mag, GQ. Tips to ‘increase your package’ will have certainly come in handy in the age of the codpiece. Gents, don’t forget to read the section on court etiquette…you don’t want to end up like poor Annie B.

Picture Source: luminarium  Logo Source: tableboy 

Georgiana Cavendish for Cosmopolitan

GeorgianaCosmoThe infamous style-queen, Georgiana Cavendish. Conveniently married to a rich Duke, yet inconveniently living her life as part of a complicated love triangle, she would have needed to read up on the ways to solve a ‘marital ménage à trois’! And Georgian men in nothing but their breeches…pass the smelling salts!

Picture Source: familypedia  / Logo Source: beautyredefined

Abraham Lincoln for TIME

AbeTimeI can totally see Abraham Lincoln gracing the cover of TIME. An undoubtedly great man. He had a pretty poor upbringing, and rose to be the President of the USA. Now that is a true rags to riches story!

Picture Source: huffintonpost / Logo Source: californiatorilla

Marie Antoinette for Seventeen

MarieSeventeenMarie Antoinette…married at 15, and Queen of France by the age of 19. Deemed by many as a frivolous fool, we just think she was young and misunderstood. Of course, Marie wouldn’t need to read this gossip magazine…she would be the one making it!

Picture Source: artexpertswebsite / Logo Source: prweb

Eclipse (Famous Racehorse) for Horse & Hound

HorseandHoundFor a long, long time horses literally carried people. They took us shopping, took us on holiday, took us hunting. And of course, dogs are a man’s best friend. Be fascinated by Eclipse, one of the greatest racehorses ever to have lived, and treat your Lady to the best lap-dog in town!

Picture Source: archeorama / Logo Source: mediauk

What other historical figures deserve to grace the covers of a fine publication? Let us know below, and we may just create a round 2 article!!

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