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A Bargain Struck by Liz Harris


Ok! I’ll admit it; I’ve been stuck in a historical fiction rut. So when this book landed on my doorstep I thought, “right, I’ll have a go at that”. I’m not sure what I expected,…

Tutankhamun: Life after death


‘Can you see anything?’ ‘Yes… wonderful things.’ Howard Carter’s famously understated words when first looking into the tomb of Tutankhamun marked the beginning of a worldwide fascination with the boy Pharaoh. King Tut is the most…

Historic Hanutings


Everyone loves a good ghost story, this much is true. They chill you to your core and more often than not, make your hairs stand on end. But what do we love more than a…

Historical Etsy


Ever been on Etsy? NO! Really? That’s crazy. Etsy brings you the very best handmade and vintage supplies, made by real people! And there is a myriad of historical themed stuff to purchase. Here at the…


Blood Will Tell by Kyra Cornelius Kramer


I’m going to be honest: I am interested in the theory behind this book. But in terms of reading 300+ pages exploring the medical explanations of a person’s god awful behaviour, the idea really didn’t float my…

Interview With A #HistoryHater


If you are reading this then you either a) love history or b) have found us on StumbleUpon and are questioning how you got this far..? Either way, you would never say you hated history,…

A London Tour In Tube Posters


Some say living in London is a curse. Some say it is a gift. With it’s rich history, I go with the latter. No matter where you turn, there is a story to be told…


Burial Rites


On a warm August day we descended into the depths of the Thames Tunnel at the Brunel Museum for an evening in ‘Iceland’; the setting of Hannah Kent’s début novel, Burial Rites.  Source: All photos © ive.readthat.com Rather than…

Court Gossip On The Front Page


No matter how much time passes people will always love a little bit of gossip. I would bet my bottom dollar that back in the day people would be glad of a weekly glossy to…

100 Years of Bridal Fashion


All girls dream of their wedding; the man, the flowers, the venue…the dress! At one point or another members of your family will have witnessed the sleek and simple phase, 10ft veils and voluptuous meringues….

Why You Should Visit Chatsworth


If you haven’t visited Chatsworth House before, you are missing out. Set against a backdrop of stunning countryside in idyllic Derbyshire, Chatsworth is a beacon of decadence, a symbol of wealth and fashion. And it…