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History’s most notorious dynasty


Having read Mary Hollingsworth’s new release, ‘The Borgias: History’s most notorious dynasty’ we are inspired to share with you how this family managed to achieve such a reputation. The saying goes that you can’t choose your family,…

Weird History: The Ivanov Experiments


In February 1926, Russian biologist Ilia Ivanov set out for Guinea in French West Africa, where he planned to perform one of the world’s most sensational experiments. He planned to use artificial insemination to cross…


Longbourn by Jo Baker


As Darcy and Elizabeth’s #2 fan (after my friend Naomi) I was always going to be biased reading and reviewing this book. When I finished Longbourn I tried to imagine if I would’ve read it…

Charlie’s Merry Mistresses


To be honest, back in the day you weren’t really a King without a lovely piece on the side. And if there is one King who took full advantage of this it was King Charles…

Inside North Korea


Of all the pieces I have written for this site, this is probably the hardest. This is because it’s an ever evolving and ‘unfinished’ piece of history, shrouded by obscurity and suppression; masterminded by control….