The Bloody Elizabeth Báthory


Forget Twilight. Forget True Blood and the Vampire Diaries. You can even disregard Nosferatu and the Hammer classics. Hungarian noblewoman, Elizabeth Báthory was one crazy, blood-loving gal. Allow me to set the scene…As with many a zany…

Night at the Museum


I’m a Classicist; a lover of all things Greek and Roman. And I’m also a hypocrite. I’ve spent my entire life (well, from the age of about 16 or-so) whining about the British Museum’s hoarding…

Hameau de la Reine: A Queens Playground


It’s pretty clear that Marie Antoinette was rather indulged, bless her soul. Her dresses were crafted by the mother of Haute Couture, Rose Bertin. Her hair was personally dressed by prolific hairdresser of the day,…