About Historical Honey

History shouldn’t just be for those who can understand the archaeological journal. My mission is to make history accessible to all. From those who have a passing interest, to enthusiasts, students and industry professionals. Founded in 2013, Historical Honey is an online community making history as engaging as possible via short articles written by YOU, covering topics YOU are interested in.

Our collective aim is to demystify the past and seek out the funniest, most interesting and sometimes naughtiest aspects of history that are not in your average text-book. 

We like to say it’s history, without the cobwebs.

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Meet me…




Alongside managing the day to day running of Historical Honey I have a grand passion for castles, beer and Anne Boleyn. I am also partial to the odd wonderful adventure and singing Johnny Cash in the shower. Three years on and I’m still so inspired by this community which continues to entertain and enlighten the history enthusiast in all of us. Thank you for supporting my historical dreams. 

 Contact me at annabelle@historicalhoney.com