100 Years of Bridal Fashion

All girls dream of their wedding; the man, the flowers, the venue…the dress! At one point or another members of your family will have witnessed the sleek and simple phase, 10ft veils and voluptuous meringues. But which decade got it right?

Let’s take a look back at the best of the last century… 



1910The Turn Of The Century Charm

I don’t know what I love the most about this dress; the beautiful detail on the train, the magical headdress or the simplicity of the backdrop in relation to the majesty of the whole outfit!

Source: oldpicture.com


1920The Queen Mother 

Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was lucky enough to get married in the ‘Roaring Twenties’ – and probably inspired hoardes of young women’s wedding dresses!

Source: Royalweddinghistory


1930Elegent. Silky. This dress just screams ‘Hollywood Starlet’!

Source: Creditcrunchbride


1940Wartime brides

Love the ruched pleating on the chest. Very simple, very plain but stunning all the same. Remember…rations would have limited design!

Source: Stsimonselopements



I couldn’t wear this. But hat’s off to Gladys (I don’t know her name, but lets call her Gladys).  Gorgeous silk lace contrast across the neck. And I love the button effect…let’s just hope there weren’t this many at the back!

Source: 1950swedding



Fun, flirty and this gal is looking perky! Lace overlay with ladylike gloves…simply divine. Cake looks yum too.

Source: Vintagebrides



Many aren’t a fan of 70’s fashion…but I love it! Hat…check. Bangs…check. Garish flowers…check. Ticking all the boxes! Kinda like Southern Belle meets Hippy!

Source: Antiquecostumes



A Diana and Emmanuel collaboration. This is the quintessential 1980’s wedding dress. Sleeves big enough to hoard food for winter. More bows than Christmas. I love it!

Source: Accessfashion



Ah, the 90’s. I was a bridesmaid in the 90’s. I remember it well. Too many flowers…flowers in the hair, flowers on the dress, flowers in your bouquet, flower arches at the church, flowers in the car. Just, very floral.

Source: Famcollage


Apologies. But there was nothing inspirational here! All strapless, fitted bodices and diamanté explosions. Boring.



Thank you Kate…you brought it back!

Source: FashionTelegraph

Which decade is your favourite? Answers in the comments box!


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